the story behind this blog…

You might be asking yourself why on Earth I decided to spend an entire year following the calendar of American food holidays. Or better yet, how I managed to figure out there was a calendar specifically dedicated to Yankee food favorites in the first place.

Well this story begins as most good stories begin these days- on Facebook. Yup, it was late July of this year when I logged onto Facebook to find a post in my news feed that said “Happy National Cheesecake Day!” Thinking that it surely must be a joke, I Googled “National Cheesecake Day” and found that not only was it real, but that almost every day of the year there is one, if not two, foods celebrated in the United States. Knowing that due to my appetite (pardon the pun) for leaving the country my patriotism has on numerous occasions been questioned, I decided that the next time I found myself in the states for an entire year I’d prove my love for the motherland by cooking my way through the calendar. Why? I see three good reasons:

-First: it will force me to learn to cook, and while I’m sure the microwave will go through a period of abandonment– really, I’m 25, it’s about time.

-Second: in the words of the great Katy Perry, ‘you can travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast’– and truly, nothing comes close to America and Americans. Despite my affinity for leaving the states to explore the rest of the world, I truly do love it here and am proud to be an American– hopefully this food adventure will quiet the naysayers.

-Lastly: who doesn’t love good food? If a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, then if nothing else I’ll spend the next year forcing my way into the hearts of my friends and neighbors with flour and sugar.

So what’s the goal? To celebrate and document at least 100 national food holidays. I’ll shoot to take on at least two holidays each week (skipping the non-vegetarian-friendly ones & downright gross ones, of course!) following the calendar found on this website: There are many websites that list a calendar of American food holidays and while they match up for the most part, there are definite discrepancies. Since I can’t seem to find an ‘official’ calendar I’m going with this one because a.) it was the first one I found back in July and b.) it’s from a nonprofit educational website. No harm no foul in my book if they accidentally mixed up National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day with National Stuffed Mushroom Day… I’ll just keep cookin.


11 responses

  1. It IS about time you learn a few things in the kitchen 😉 sounds super fun and i look forward to reading about all the fun you’ll be having 🙂

    • Haha I’m definitely progressing from the days when everything we ate was microwavable… and we considered a ‘real’ meal to be something we had to put in the oven! At least you know if there are any (knock on wood) last minute disasters with your wedding cake, I’m your girl! (Well… Betty and I are your girls.. we’d come prepared with smiles and rainbow chip frosting! 🙂 )

  2. Um…she knows her way around the kitchen, don’t let her fool you! I look forward to you, Angie Fitzgerald, super fit triathlete gaining 500 pounds just like me, in time to watch me get rid of it!! You really are a great writer. Love ❤ your favorite cousin, Desdemona 🙂


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