National French Toast Day

November 28th is National French Toast Day! Since going vegan, there have been a few recipes that I’ve avoided for fear that without eggs, they just won’t taste the same. French toast was one of those recipes. I love french toast, and the thought of bad dairy-free french toast was enough to make me not attempt it at all. But this morning, with a recipe from The 30 Day Vegan Challenge that stated ‘once you try this incredibly easy and delicious dish, you’ll ask yourself why we ever use eggs for this quintessential breakfast treat at all,’ Nonnie and I got to cooking. Slices of sourdough bread dipped in a cup of almond milk that had been whisked with some cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract. That was it. We heated some vegan butter in a pan and a few minutes later, with some trepidation, I took my first bite. It was perfect. The author was right, the eggs are superfluous, and I thoroughly regret the months I spent living in fear of eggless french toast!


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