National Cake Day

November 26th is National Cake Day! A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the Happy Herbivore recipe for Chocolate Mug Cake. Knowing that I would be short on time today, I figured a cake recipe that takes two minutes to put together and three minutes to cook in the microwave was exactly what I needed. Tonight Samantha and I made two of these cup creations. I’ll admit that upon first (piping hot just-out-the-microwave) bite neither of us were quite sure this mug cake was going to cut it, but we persevered and subsequent bites proved to be delicious. Incredibly rich, but delicious. I wish I’d thought to cut the cake in half before taking the photo as it definitely looked more like cake on the inside, but oh well. Easily thrown together and made of ingredients I generally have stocked in the cupboard, I’ll definitely be keeping this recipe handy for nights when I need a quick chocolate fix!


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