National Doughnut Day

November 5th is National Doughnut Day! Have you ever had a Whole Foods doughnut? They’re vegan, and delicious. In preparation for this food holiday the deep-fried doughnut versus baked doughnut debate was fierce around here, so I called our local Whole Foods and asked them if they fry or bake theirs. They said they bake them, so I bought a doughnut pan and that was that. Needing a few things I went into Whole Foods today and thought I’d test my luck and see if they’d give me their recipe. They apologized and said they didn’t have the recipe as the doughnuts are not made on site… but I need not worry as ‘they’re just like real doughnuts.. deep-fried and everything!’ Oh well! Bake them I did, and they were delicious. The maple glaze I tried to make didn’t exactly solidify the way I wanted it to, but honestly, in a house full of hungry roommates- that glaze didn’t even have a chance.


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