National Chocolate Day

October 28th is National Chocolate Day! After college Dusty and I wanted to do something epic, so we biked from Seattle to Vancouver. We discovered quite a few things on that trip, but even more important than the discovery that ‘tents sold as being for two people are really suited for one very tiny person’ and ‘if you bike in a bright yellow rain suit, birds might decide you look tasty’, was the discovery of brownkies. Brown what?! Well, Betty Crocker calls them cookie brownie bars, but we didn’t think that name summed up the incredibleness that is brownies with chocolate chip cookies baked into them. Tragically, when I went vegan earlier this year and emptied my cupboards of all products with dairy in them, my emergency box of brownkies had to go. So tonight I decided to take on Betty and see if I could make a vegan version that tastes as good as the original thing. Well, while they definitely taste as good as the original, they weren’t exactly cooked as much as the original. I had extra cookie dough so I made more of a layer of cookie than usual. I pulled the pan out when the top started to brown, but that wasn’t exactly an indication of what was going on inside. That Betty is so tricky! I’ll have to mess around with portions and oven temp to see if I can remedy that situation for next time, but don’t expect me to go running towards the oven tonight. Undercooked brownkies?! YUM.


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