National Play-Dough Day

September 18th is National Play-Dough Day! So, before I comment on the elephant in the room (play-dough… a national food?!) I’d first like to say how in disbelief I am that it is September 18th already, and I’ve thus far done only one other posting this month. But don’t you worry, the blog is coming back to life with a vengeance!  And what a better way to jump back in than with everyone’s favorite American dish… play-dough? Only in America. I loved today’s food holiday though- Mom sent me the recipe she used when we were kids and just the smell of the play-dough cooking on the stove took me back to sitting around the table with Deb and Matty when we were kids. Although my memories tend to show us sitting nicely and making lovely shapes, I’m sure Mom would recall more play-dough thrown than shaped, and, let’s be honest, some eaten as well. Yum.


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