National Taffy Day

May 23rd is National Taffy Day! Making this stuff was quite the adventure! I went with a Food Network recipe for chocolate taffy and added some peppermint extract. I understand now why at the Boardwalk they have huge machines tugging and pulling at the taffy, cuz it’s a lot of work! Unfortunately I either tugged too much, or too little, because I can’t eat the stuff without my mind going straight to old Chevy commercials and Bob Seger crooning “Like A Rock.”


4 responses

  1. Salt water taffy is my FAVORITE πŸ˜€ now i’m craving it bad! Silver lining….Doesn’t pulling taffy count as a workout? πŸ˜‰

  2. It looks wonderful Where do You find the time TO COOK?

    Presto andrai per un
    gita . Sei mota brava e fortunata vedere tutti bellissimi posti nel mondo.
    Ti amo molto ed very proud of you and all your accomplishments.
    Va piano e lontano Bacioni La ROse Nonna


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