National Crêpe Suzette Day

May 6th is National Crêpe Suzette Day! This is of course exciting (… to me) but even more exciting is that this marks my 50th blog post which means I’m officially halfway through my food holiday adventure! So far it’s truly been terrific (and calorific!) and I’m very excited for the next 50 (seemingly arbitrary) national food holidays! Today? Crêpe Suzette.. which is basically crêpes dipped in a cooked mixture of (vegan) butter, sugar, and orange juice. Tasty, but very sweet!


5 responses

  1. This looks and sounds delish! Gotta ask though, did you make the crepes? I have always wanted to try, but even the pros mess them up on the cooking shows :/

    • Haha yes, when Mom and I returned from the redwoods last night we made these, so I had moral support for my first crepe attempt! Luckily the cookbook I was using flat out said your first crepe is always a joke, so I didn’t feel so bad when the first one flopped. But the second and subsequent ones came out great! Okay maybe ‘great’ is exaggerating… but they someone resembled a circle and definitely tasted like crepes!


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