National Candied Orange Peel Day

May 4th is National Candied Orange Peel Day. Really? Candied orange peels? Well, Mom and I cooked them up this evening and all we can say is.. maybe they’ll be better in the morning, after they’ve had a chance to dry and harden. Probably not, but worst case scenario we’ll toss most of them in the trash and douse the rest in melted chocolate.


4 responses

  1. So I’ve never really candied peel like that, but I have a recipe that I sort of candy lemon peel for this lemon chicken dish. It is basically the same process as candying nuts (butter, sugar, vanilla). I find the most important part was making sure I got all the inner white crap scraped off. I messed up the first time and that ish made it gross. But i can’t tell if yours is cooked or not? Regardless, if i want candy…i might just go for smothering them in chocolate 😉 lol and yes, your picture is great 🙂

    • The process for these is similar, first boiling the peel then cooking it in a sugar syrup. The inner white crap is definitely what caused our downfall! That ‘ish’ is disgusting, and if I ever make this again (highly unlikely) I’ll be scraping alllllll of that stuff off!


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