National Raspberry Popover Day

May 3rd is National Raspberry Popover Day! Vegan popovers: the first truly epic fail of my food blog adventure. Maybe I shouldn’t have scoffed so hard when the recipe told me to use a popover pan (“please, a cupcake pan will do”), or perhaps the idea of a vegan popover was just silly to begin with. In my defense I swear there was a legit recipe, from a (semi) legit website, with a really beautiful picture of a vegan popover.. with serious pop. My popovers… no pop. My popovers are more like rocks.. with dough inside.. and a really great raspberry sauce on top.


4 responses

  1. Ok, can’t lie. I googled a popover (because a) didn’t know what it was and b) i thought yours looked fine, whatever a popover was) and now i see what you mean about the missing pop lol.


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