National Artichoke Heart Day

National Artichoke Heart Day is March 16th! Before today the only time I’ve ever really enjoyed an artichoke heart was while biking down the California coast with Dusty during my second AIDS LifeCycle. We pit stopped at a little stall off the side of the road and enjoyed some deep-fried goodness. Granted after cycling a ridiculous amount of miles just about anything tastes amazing, but I distinctly remember deep-fried artichoke hearts in a fond way. So today I attempted to recreate that happy memory with a bunch of oil in a cast iron pan and some yummy beer batter. The results were pretty awesome, and due to some leftover batter the kitchen quickly turned into a deep-frying party with the housemates and I battering and frying just about anything we could get our hands on. An overall success- especially considering the fire department didn’t have to show up, a welcome change compared to the last time a deep-frying party occurred in the kitchen!


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