National Peanut Cluster Day

March 8th is National Peanut Cluster Day! Peanut butter, semi-chocolate chips (the recipe called for milk chocolate chips so I just added in a bit of soy milk and some sugar), peanuts, and potato chips. Wait, what? Potato chips? YUP. YUM. Stay tuned for more chocolate & potato chip lovin coming your way next week for National Potato Chip Day. Hey, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!


7 responses

  1. That sounds interesting with chips. For whatever reason though, I really want there to be caramel inside :/ i’m also curious about the consistency. It is a hard cluster or softer with the peanut butter?

    • So here’s the deal.. I tweaked this one a bit because it called for peanut butter chips– which have whey in them (a milk product)– so I used peanut butter as a substitute, which is obviously not meant to harden like the chip would. So they’re a bit… gooey. But caramel would have been an awesome addition, and more potato chips– definitely more potato chips!

  2. Can you email me the recipe you made? I never would have guessed that we ate potato chips, tasty. Next time I make a batch, I won’t be able to tell people I don’t eat potato chips, because they will be in the recipe. =)


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