National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

January 3rd is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day! I definitely could have done with stopping after my fifth taste test, but at the time my stomach thought otherwise. This is another recipe that states ‘best after 1 or 2 weeks’ and while the fruitcake might survive the wait, I’m pretty sure these won’t!


8 responses

  1. Did you ever think of entering Culinary School? Talk about multi talented,Wow. Can; you freeze and bring with you-?yum yum yum La Nonna

  2. Now, i’m not a huge cherry fan, but that layer of chocolate may do me in đŸ™‚ i could pop quite a few of those cherries…

    Sorry couldn’t resist. Yes, i’m an immature child…get over it lol

  3. Can you let me know where you got the recipe from? My recipe says it takes 4 weeks for the sugary inside to become melted and delicious. Your cherries look like they could be eaten right away! Great pictures. Hugs!


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