National Cream Puff Day

Nothing says ‘hello 2012!’ like National Cream Puff Day (January 2nd)! And while I may not be a huge cream puff fan, these were a ton of fun to make! Happy new year everyone!!


10 responses

    • Really? I didn’t like the one I had when I first put them together but the cold one I had this morning for breakfast (I know I know.. but I was out of real food) that came out of the fridge was really good!

  1. Now THAT is what I’m talking about 🙂 I love pastry, but i’ve never tried making it before. Is there alcohol in the cream? Because there should be 😉

    • Haha no but I’m sure we could figure something out! These were a pretty simple recipe (just took a bit of time with all the baking and chilling etc.) — you should try them! I’ll send the recipe over!


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