National Fruitcake Day

Fruitcake has a pretty bad rep, and I’ll be honest, I’ve avoided it up until now. But considering today, December 27th, is National Fruitcake Day, I decided it was now or never for me and the highly dreaded holiday dessert. I did a quick Google search to see if there were any recipes out there that were remotely more interesting than what was in my Betty Crocker cookbook and settled on a recipe from the Food Network’s Alton Brown because it called for rum. And it got great reviews… but mainly because it called for a cup of rum. The bad news? This flippin fruitcake (which costs a fortune to make!) now has to sit for 2 weeks before I get to break into it, and every two to three days I have to “feel the cake and if dry, spritz with brandy”. I can barely keep a goldfish alive for two weeks… I highly doubt the fruitcake will survive.


National Pfeffernüsse Day

After a week-long hiatus from the blog (due to there being no vegetarian food holidays since Chocolate Covered Anything Day) I return today, December 23rd, with National Pfeffernüsse Day! Pfeffernüsse translates to pepper nuts and are spiced cookies traditionally made in Germany during the Christmas season. Tonight Mom and I used a recipe we found online and while they tasted pretty good right out of the oven, most online reviews recommend storing them for a few days as ‘they only get better with age.’ I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

National Noodle-Ring Day

December 11th is National Noodle-Ring Day! … Errrr noodle ring? What? No judgement if you like myself haven’t heard of such a thing, I definitely needed Google’s help with this one. And while the process ended up being quite simple after acquiring a ring mold from my mom’s kitchen and following the simple recipe found on this website:

I’ll be honest and admit that this baby of the 80’s definitely prefers good ole mac’n’cheese!

National Pie Day

Day 1 of my yearlong adventure following the calendar of American Food Holidays begins today, December 1st, with National Pie Day. And what is more American than a homemade apple pie?! I’m no Betty Crocker quite yet, and who knew peeling apples could take so long, but thanks to YouTube today I learned the art of ‘fluting’ a crust!